December 2012

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    Year End Appeal from Stan Kimer
    Other Sheep 2012 Accomplishments
    Executive Director's October - December 2012 Travels

    In This Issue
    Jimmy Creech - new board member
    Rev. Elder Diane Fisher - new board member
    Gordon Herzog's years of service (stepped down from being chairpson)
    Executive Director's October - December 2012 Travels

November 2012

    November 3rd Book Launching Event Held in Thailand; Distribution Begun.
    A Forward to the Burmese The Children Are Free 2012 Edition: Other Sheep's
    significant role in bringing the inclusive message to the Karen Burmese Christians

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July 2012

    Following the morning session on 'Liberty of Conscience' the seminar was put on
    hold when a local official entered the grounds demanding that the police, already
    present by arrangement of the hosting NGO, immediately shut down the conference.
    The local official maintained that homosexuality was being promoted illegally. An
    attendee of the morning session had left the grounds to report his disapproval of the
    seminar to the local official. Police protection had been arranged prior to the
    conference by the NGO organizers of the day-long seminar.

    Parelli, after finishing the morning session, was escorted by a police officer to an
    area on the grounds, a distant from the conference hall, where he was asked to
    remain while, at the same location, other police, the objecting local official, the
    offended attendee who reported to the objecting local official, and Brian Ochieng,
    discussed the matter. Mr. Jose Ortiz accompanied Parelli. (Click the title link to read

    In discussing Parelli's paper, one attendee, whose influence is on a national level
    within her denomination, commented that for the first time she now understands that
    it is not a choice to be homosexual.

    She said she had looked at gays as she had looked at sex workers, that is, that
    whereas sex workers can elect to do something else (everything being equal), she
    now realizes the option to do something else does not exist for homosexuals. Her
    paradigm shifted from equating gays with sex workers to understanding that
    homosexuality is an orientation like heterosexuality. Her group leader reported that
    she said, almost in tears, why should gays be harassed for something they cannot
    change. (Click the title link to read more.)

    A local pastor who attended the recent two-day Kampala conference on "Religious
    Freedom in the Context of Theological Diversity and Human Sexuality" told the
    attendees that he was especially impacted by the workshops on 'Liberty of
    Conscience.' The pastor said that in spite of the contemporary alternative view, as
    taught by the presenters, that Sodom and Gomorrah is about inhospitality, social
    oppression and rape, and not, therefore, a condemnation of gay love, he still believes
    the Biblical destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is a condemnation of all gays. The
    pastor went on to say, however, that because of 'Liberty of Conscience' he now
    understands it is not parliament's place to write anyone's religious views or
    interpretation of 'Sodom and Gomorrah' or any part of the Bible into civil law. (Click
    the title link to read more.)

May 2012

    In This Issue
    Support Day-Seminar for 100 LGBT people
    Film Trailer of "Call Me Kuchu"
    Clergy Seminar in Nairobi
    Books have been donated to India! Financial Gift to Rwanda Gay Refugees
    Malawi overturns gay ban
    Other Sheep this summer
    A call for (your) books for India seminary
    WHO/PAHO statement on reparative therapy (ex-gay)
    Introducing St. Paul's Reconciliation and Equality Centre of Uganda
    Bishop Senyonjo comes to the US on June 13th

           Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz met Anil at their Kerala University Seminar, July 18, 2011.  
           Anil assisted in setting up for the meeting.  Photos.  Friend pens his personal grief.

    A call for (your) books for India seminary
    A Tale of Two Weddings, and other blog titles from Steve
    Argentina and Chile - more LGBT civil rights
    Other Sheep attends Mennonite/Brethren retreat
    Kenya, Violence and HIV
    Links to news and blog items
    Two books to consider
    2012 back issues of the eNews

    • Other Sheep Blog: A Tale of Two Weddings: Ostracism vs. Familial Love, and the anti-gay lady
    who failed to discern the look of ostracism
    • Other Sheep Web page: Connecting Families 2012 retreat will always remain a highlight of my
    (Steve's) Christian experience as a gay man for these seven
    reasons . . .

February 2012

    June 2012 Hong Kong gay Christian conference with Gene Robinson
    Parelli/Ortiz currently in Montreal
    GLAAD and SDGLN report Other Sheep news
    The Children Are Free in Chinese
    Donate: February and March are Executive Director Appreciation Months
    Links to 2011 India, Nepal, Singapore
    Give to Executive Director's 2012 Honorarium

  • Press Release - Rev. Steve Parelli testifies before New Jersey Assembly Judiciary
    Committee (02/03/2012)
    Parelli said "Civil Union is but another name for oppression." Citing his Baptist heritage, Parelli said
    concession and toleration are neither freedom nor liberty. They are merely other names for
    oppression because they are the allowance of that which is not wholly approved."

    Parelli told the committee members that they should not vote their conscience if their vote would
    "limit the free exercise of the conscience of others" and that it was for this reason that he opposed a

January 2012

                        Links to the following  Facebook Photos of Asia 2011:
    •  Trivandrum Theological Forum Youth Lay Leaders' annual conference, Kerala, India
    •  Distribution of books in Trivandrum, Kerala, India
    •  Other Sheep in Kottayam and Kannur, Kerala, India
    •  Vacationing in Goa, India
    •  Free Community Church of Singapore hosts Other Sheep
    •  Other Sheep in Nepal
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