December 2009

    Featured Article - Noah's Story; Join Noah's Facebook Cause; Anonymous Personal Stories From Kenya
    2007; Gay and Christian and African; Other Sheep Contact Persons in Africa

    Ugandan Contacts Other Sheep while in US on a Visa; Ugandan Asks for Help with Asylum;vEmmanuel
    Kamau (Auntie Ivy) helps Ugandan towards Asylum; Your financial gift will help Ugandan with living
    expenses; Mail your donation to Other Sheep

    We are happy to learn that Rick Warren has done so today. Other Sheep asks Douglas Carew of the
    Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (Kenya) and John R. W. Stott (England) to join Warren in
    his denouncement of the Ugandan bill and to further more denounce the anti-gay hate-speech in the
    Africa Bible Commentary (see article in right column of this Other Sheep December 10, 2009, eNews).

    "Time To Take a Step" by Kenneth Dobson:  Part I, Self-acceptance and Coming Out; Part II, Sexual
    Orientation; Part III: Society and Culture: Thailand and Uganda; Part IV, Tolerance.

    From the article:  "I wish there were time to get the word around that we are gay because God made us
    this way just as others are heterosexual because they are.  I wish there was time to let that sink in and to
    advocate better tolerances for gay and lesbian kids struggling with their steps out.  But things are getting
    bad faster than we expected.  The Christian right is wrong, but they are powerful and ruthless, and they
    are spreading into the places in the world where minority rights aren't a deep-rooted tradition."

    In This Issue: David Gibson's article on "Will American Christians be Complicit?" Rick Warren's
    associaiton with Turaki's anti-gay hate-speech, How Christian is President Museveni of Uganda?

    According to the article, "[Kimindu] says gay rights should have been included in the draft [constitution] for
    discussion by Kenyans."  The article cites several comments that Kimindu made during the interview.  
    The Daily Nation article is reproduced in full.

    Linked to: An article by Steve Parelli that examines the faith-based hate-speech posted on the Daily
    Nation website against gays, Rev. Kimindu and his call for discussion on gay rights; and How the
    evangelical Africa Bible Commentary evidences and endorses the deep seated African faith-based anti-
    gay hate-speech. Also in Parelli's article:  Mark A. Noll, in his new book The New Shape of World
    Christianity, says Ugandan President Museveni was "deeply touched" by the historic East African Revival,
    and that "his wife, Janet, remains identified with evangelical causes." The article, in part, discusses the
    question: Does President Museveni and his wife's Christian beliefs justify, for him, his criminal hate-acts
    against homosexuals?

November 2009

    Blatant hate speech against homosexuals in Zondervan's Africa Bible Commentary cited at Society of
    Biblical Literature 2009 Annual Meeting
    Panel respondant reports churches in South Africa "are hungry" to know what the Bible realy says about

    Ugandan legal expert; Former President of Botswana; Gay Euro MPs; Anglican Church of Uganda;
    Rochester, NY, Episcopal Diocese; Exodus International; . . . and Kay and Rick Warren on Martin Ssempa.

    For data and info on the bill, news source, and additional statements, follow the link in the eNews.

    From the "Dear Other Sheep Friend" opening letter:
    In the middle of the night - the wee hours of Thursday, October 15 - I couldn't sleep.  I silently slipped
    away from the bedroom so as not to disturb Jose, my wedded life partner.  Checking my inbox, I found an
    alarming email from a friend in Uganda.  Attached to the email was an article, dated October 14, from
    "The New Vision, Uganda's Leading Website."  My Ugandan friend had just sent it.  I immediately created
    an eNews and sent it out to over 2,500 email addresses.  The Other Sheep eNews headlines read
    "Homosexuals face death penalty in Uganda according to news article."

    That Sunday in church I heard a religious leader in global social justice say to her audience from the
    pulpit that Other Sheep had broken the Ugandan bill news to the world.  

    The very informative article that follows was written by a gay some-what-closeted new friend to Other
    Sheep.  This past summer, Jose and I met Felix while traveling in Southeast Asia where he lives and
    works.  We welcome his articles  Enjoy.

    Other Sheep East Africa Coordinator Rev. Michael Kimindu, photo at  left, responds to The Ugandan Anti-
    Homosexuality Bill of 2009 with an essay on sexual orientation in Africa.  He calls upon the church in
    Africa to consider the hate and oppresion that comes to sexual minorities by the hand of the church.  
    Outline:  The Need; My Personal Understanding of Sexual Orientation; How I View the Interplay of Faith
    and Sexual Ortinetation; Once the Greater Light Comes, There is Always a Change of Heart; The Need
    For, and A Call to, Education; What Africa Could Learn from the West; Jesus' Affirmation of Zaccaeus;
    Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin; The Dilemma of Homosexuals in Africa; What is the Way Forward?  A
    Closing Prayer.

    With Dennis Wamala's permission, we've published his email letter with his name (at right see Ugandan
    Coalition Thanks Other Sheep).  Other Sheep is grateful for his work as Chairperson of Other Sheep
    Uganda.  He writes, "We pledge that we will not give up till justice is achieved in this world."

    In This Issue:  US Congresswoman Writes Hillary Clinton; Letter to Hillary Clinton; Ugandan Coalition
    Thanks Other Sheep

October 2009

    Other Sheep, in its eNews of October 19, called upon evangelicals Rick Warren (USA), John Stott
    (England), Douglas Carew (Kenya) and the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) to accountability for
    their part in inducing inhumane and hateful attitudes of Africans towards homosexual Africans.  

    Political Research Associates released an eNews yesterday with the following bold headlines:  PRA
    Calls on Rick Warren to Denounce Proposed Antigay Law in Uganda.  Other Sheep is gratified in learning
    that PRA, with their eNews of October 28, is acting with the same concern Other Sheep expressed in its
    eNews of October 19 in which Other Sheep called upon evangelicals Rick Warren, John Stott, Douglas
    Carew and the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) to accountability for their active part in inducing
    inhumane and hateful attitudes of Africans towards homosexual Africans.  

    In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson chats with Steve Parelli, Executive
    Director of Other Sheep, a multicultural ecumenical Christian ministry working worldwide for the full
    inclusion of LGBT people of faith within their respective faith traditions.

    Mentioned in Steve's audio interview with Charlotte Robinson:  Nepal Pastors' Seminar; Blue Diamond
    Society; Nepal Protection Desk; Mitini Nepal; MPlus of Thailand; Ken Dobson of Thailand; Myanmar Gay
    Education; Baptist Christians of Myanmar; Free Community Church of Singapore;; "Ex-gay"
    myth; Pride in the Pulpit of Empire State Pride Agenda; Equality March 2009; Same Sex Marriage; LGBT
    Human Rights; Organizations: Addressing the Religious Right; Obama's Report Card

    Links to:  The October 23, 2009, Kampala Statement by the Ugandan Civil Society Coalition on Human
    Rights and Constitutional Law; Other Sheep on YouTUBE shows how evangelicals are responsible, in
    part, for anti-homosexual sentiment in Africa

    Yusufu Turaki's article on "Homosexuality' in Africa Bible Commentary, "a publishing landmark" (John
    Stott),  is hate speech towards homosexuals.  
    An open letter from John Doner, Latin America Coordinator for Other Sheep

    Tell Rick Warren, John Stott and Douglas Carew to tell the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) to
    Denounce the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009

    Sample Letter to the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA); Contact information for the Association of
    Evangelicals in Africa (AEA); Sample Letter to Rick Warren, John Stott and Douglas Carew; Contact
    information for Warren, Stott and Carew; ILGHRC's Sample Letter to members of the Parliament of
    Uganda with contact information; A copy of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009; Changing Attitude
    writes letters to Anglican bishops; Rev Kimindu Meets New Archbishop. Source: Changing Attitude Blog;
    Other Sheep Kenya Holds Seminar in Nairobi. Source: RMN Blog; Henry Mayor describes his encounters
    in Kenya with Michael Kimindu and Anna Booth. Source: Changing Attitude; An email from an Associate
    Member of the AEA

    The New Vision, Uganda's Leading Website, Wednesday, 14th October, 2009

    Some in the church need to arise and say to the church, "Wait!  The Bible is not at all that clear on the
    topic of homosexuality.  We have drawn our conclusions without doing our homework on the Biblical
    passages and we have, therefore, judged our brother perhaps without cause."  Some in parliament need
    to arise and say to parliament, "Wait!  We are in danger of marking our laws on the basis of religious
    teaching rather than civil rights for all. Do we enact laws that copy ecclesiastical codes, or do we enact
    laws that protect the equality and justice of all?" -Rev. Steve Parelli

    "I fear for Uganda, or any state, when the church, by how it acts, might as well be parliament, and
    parliament, by how it acts, might as well be the church."  -Rev. Steve Parelli

    To Live as He Lived; The "Good News" changed; Keep the message in focus; We know what we are
    about; We've destroyed our own families; "Living-by-the-Bible" for profit; What a calling! Ever learning, ever
    living; Jesus for the oppressed LGBT person

    Who is the victim;The attack as told by the victim ; Hospital; lawyer; victim wishes to speak out; Rev.
    Kimindu: The church will not help; Zondervan Africa Bible Commentary article on homosexuality

September 2009

    In this issue of Other Sheep, in response to the religiously one-sided statements of the newly installed
    president of the United Nations General Assembly, Ali Abdussalam Treki, we commend an excellent
    essay entitled "Sexuality, Diversity, and Ethics in the Agenda of Progressive Muslims" by Scott Siraj al-
    Haqq Kugle.  

    In This Issue: UN General Assembly President on Homosexuality;Progressive Muslims on
    Homosexuality; Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong; Links to Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and
    Malaysia: Our 2009 Other Sheep Trip; Also, RMN Convocation; Response to UN General Assembly

    UN General Assembly President intolerant of religious freedom & universal human rights  

    In This Issue: Other Sheep Kenya Holds Seminar; Other Sheep Addresses Global Awareness at RMN
    Convocation; Otras Ovejas Recalled; Makokhas Named Finalists for Award; $350 (USA) Needed to Keep
    Makokha Children in School

July - August 2009

    In This Issue: Other Sheep Coordinator, Victor Bracuto, wins accusation brought against 'ex-gay' event in
    Argentina; Asian Internet news service interviews Steve Parelli on "ex-gay" movement; Quotes from "ex-
    gay" authors which show that "change" does not mean "change";So, how many students are gay in your
    Singapore Christian day school?

    In This Issue: Meet Rev., Dr. Kenneth Dobson; The Thai Village Gay Way; What's a Gay Christian to Do?
    One Gospel, One Church.

    Pastors and LGBT activists brought together in Nepal at a July 5 Pastors' Seminar and through a
    personal July 8 meeting with Other Sheep.  Blog links: Seeds Sown At Kathmandu Pastors' Seminar;
    Interaction with Nepali Pastor on Sodomite Passages;Mexican Humanitarian Woman Helps LGBT
    people in Nepal

    For links to handouts and the Powerpoint presentation on the Bible and Homosexuality (which was not
    shown due to technical difficulties) and other materials, a resource web page has been created for
    Nepali pastors.  All Other Sheep materials can be reproduced and distributed with the condition that
    these materials are not sold for a profit; Other Sheep should be credited as the source.

May - June 2009

    Also: Contact Person named for Zambia; Steve and Jose's Travel Plans for July and August; Postings
    from Steve and Jose's Blog.

    "We are rejoicing in the recent ordination of our Executive Director, Rev. Stephen R. Parelli.  We invite you
    to view the pictorial report Steve has prepared on his Other Sheep personal website - the Other Sheep -
    Executive Director site," Gordon  I. Herzog, Co-chairperson, Other Sheep Board, St Louis, MO

    Other Sheep Executive Director asks for your help in winning Marriage Equality in his home state of New
    York; How to Contact your NY State Senator for Marriage Equality; Empire State Pride Agenda

April 2009

    Unitarian Universalist UN Office seeks signatures from clergy for open letter to Uganda
    Write the Red Pepper editor; Support the Daily Monitor: Email Bernard Tabaire, Kampala Daily Monitor
    opinion writer and tell him you support his comments:

    Links to: Top Homos in Uganda Named: page 1 and page 2 of tabloid, Source:  Ice breakers Uganda;
    Uganda's gays in desperate situation

    Links to: The couple from Queens (New York) vs. the President of Poland; Senegal court overturns
    January conviction of nine gay men

    Metropolitan Community Churches is pleased to announce the Ordination of  
    Stephen Parelli, Executive Director of Other Sheep

    "Ex-gay" evangelical witch hunt attacks the popular and beloved Ugandan Catholic priest Musaala

    In This Issue:  "Ex-gay" supporters attack Fr. Musaala; 25 Iraqi gays killed; Recently in US and world
    news...; May 15-17 Conference on the Qur'an at The Riverside Church

    Linked articles related to our lead story: Fr.  Musaala defended; Top Catholic priests meet over Musaala
    gay allegations; Fr. Musaala accusation an attack on Catholic youth; Uganda "ex-gays" organizational
    meeting of March 15, 2009; Exodus ("ex-gay" evangelicals) Maintain Month-Long Silence Amid Ugandan
    Gov't Calls for LGBT Arrests; Aftermath of the Uganda conference on homosexuality - a college
    psychology professor's observations

    The Court's Decision is a MUST-READ document - see link at right end of first block in eNews

March 2009

    Related Links on Homosexuals "Cured" in Uganda:  Uganda Local Paper; Icebreakers Comment; GAA
    Comments; "Ex-gay" Rhetoric Comes to Uganda

    CALL FOR PAPERS: Writing Queer Kenya

    "Christian Fundamentalists" vs Society Organizations by Zaharadeen Gambo, Program Officer of Global

    Full report of the proceedings of the Family Life Network three day seminar on "anti-homosexuality" (as
    experienced by the Uganda queer community) in Kampala, Uganda. Also, resources for addressing the
    "ex-gay" evangelical movement. Just in: links announcing the March 11 Public Hearing of Nigerian Bill

    In This Issue:  John and Anne Makokha to visit the USA in September 2009 - PLAN A MEETING!; Other
    Sheep in Southeast Asia this July-August 2009 - HELP US NETWORK!; GAA & Other Sheep Nairobi
    Meeting - FEATURE ARTICLE; Professor Marcella Althaus-Reid Remembered - IN MEMORY OF.

    Links to the following news articles:  Legal Options (USA) for those hurt by "ex-gay" programs; Church
    member and OS reader express support for Rev. Makokha; Rev. Gasana hopeful to deliver inclusive
    message at Rwanda workshop; Sexual Violence against South African lesbians; Uganda:  Religious Anti-
    Gay Conference to be held in Uganda; Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues; Utah (USA) Lawmaker
    makes anti-gay statements; UMC in the USA to discuss human sexuality

January-February 2009

  • Rev. John Makokha answers accusations  (2/6/2009)
    The Makokha Interview with Other Sheep:  You could get the "axe"; Discrimination is sin; Before Other
    Sheep; Promoting homosexuality?; Educating Kenya; Long standing controversies; Rev. Christie's first
    accusation; Rev. Christie's contradictory remarks; Rev. Christie's second accusation; Were charges ever
    made?; Character assassination; Rev.Christie's motive?; Housing fund withheld; Nairobi Evangelical
    Graduate School of Theology; Heretic? Apostate?; Do any clergy dialogue with you?; Have you "split the
    church in two?" ; Is dialogue possible among Kenyan UMC clergy?; Letters expressing concern should
    be written to . . .; Africa focus should be on poverty, HIV-AIDS, etc.

    Former InterVarsity Christian Fellowship leader is "shocked."  "This is a HUGE change."
    A review on the article "Sexuality" in Global Dictionary of Theology by Kati Griess

    In This Issue:  Myers on "God and Gays"; Book: Bulletproof Faith; Columbia Grants Visa to Bi-National
    Same-Sex Couple; Nigeria House of Reps Vote Against Gay Marriage; Readers Respond to
    'Homosexuality' Article in Africa Bible Commentary; MCC Urges Nigeria to Overturn Bill; Icebreakers
    Uganda to make LGBT Film; Episcopal Diocese Warms to Gay Unions;

    Interesting Stats: Today there will be 28,000 new Christians in Africa. Asia will see 24,000 new
    Christians and there will be 18,000 new Christians in Latin America. What will they be taught about

    In This Issue:  56 LGBT activist leaders from around the world receive the book The Children Are Free at
    the worldwide ILGA conference in Vienna ; Rev. Kimindu of Kenya and Steve Parelli of New York give talks
    in England at MCC and Changing Attitude meetings; The Peoples' Bible, newly released, is gay-friendly; A
    critical look at the evangelical Africa Bible Commentary's article on homosexuality; Albert Barnes' (1798-
    1870) statement on the church and slavery makes an appropriate commentary on Proposition 8

    Links to Other Sheep Writings and Newsletter Archives; do a SEARCH

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