December 2008

    In this issue:  56 LGBT activist leaders from around the world receive the book The Children Are Free at
    the worldwide ILGA conference in Vienna; Rev. Kimindu of Kenya and Steve Parelli of New York give talks
    in England at MCC and Changing Attitude meetings; The Peoples' Bible, newly released, is gay-friendly; A
    critical look at the evangelical Africa Bible Commentary's article on homosexuality; Albert Barnes' (1798-
    1870) statement on the church and slavery makes an appropriate commentary on Proposition 8; Links to
    Other Sheep Writings and Newsletter Archives; do a SEARCH

September - November 2008

    In This Issue: Prossy's abuse while still in Uganda; The book, Homosexuality: Perspectives from
    Uganda, 2007

    In This Issue:  Connecticut Supreme Court rules for marriage equality; So, Who's Getting Married in NJ?;
    Executive Director seeks speaking engagements while traveling abroad and in the US in November

    In This Issue:  Our Wedding, August 25; INDEX of 2008 East Africa Reports; INDEX of 2008 East Africa
    Photos; The book, "Homosexuality: Perspectives from Uganda" - Sylvia Tamale, Editor, 2007; Newly
    formed Other Sheep group: Other Sheep Honduras; Latin American Biblical; University of San Jose to
    use Parelli's article on the 'ex-gay' movement; What the Speakers said at the 2008 Nairobi Seminar;
    Darkness from light -- Steve reflects on the Kigali half-day seminar with 35 Rwandan pastors; OS Central
    American Coordinator conducts seminar in Guatemala; East African gay boarding school student

    Thank you for the opportunity you gave us, Sunday, August 24, at the City of Refuge, San Francisco, to
    show our PowerPoint presentation on Other Sheep and our recent ministry in East Africa.  We felt warmly
    received, and were especially blessed by the circle of prayer that was given on our behalf.  Thank you so

July & August 2008
Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

    From somewhere in East Africa, place and name of student withheld
    This story was told to Steve Parelli, Executive Director of Other Sheep, by the victim at some point and
    time during Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz's travels in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, July 4-August 5, 2008.  
    The story was told in the presence of two other friends of the victim and within 24 hours of its happening.
    Permission was given by the anonymous author to release this story on August 5, 2008, the date of Steve
    and Jose's departure from East Africa.  Note: terms referring to grades in school have been Americanized
    to keep the East African country unidentified.  This account is almost word-for-word by the anonymous
    author.  Slight changes were made for readability.

    In This Issue: Nairobi, Kenya, Report;  Mombasa, Kenya, Report; Kigali, Rwanda, Report

    To All Area Pastors and Lay Leaders:  Please be our guest... This Saturday, July 26, in Kampala, Uganda,
    Other Sheep East Africa, with the ministries of Pastor Brown, will host an all day conference on the Bible
    and homosexuality

    The deep sadness I felt in Kigali as I stood before 35 Rwandan pastors

    Reports on the following sessions: What Africa doesn't know; The bible says what? Beware the "ex-gays";
    Support pro-LGBT clergy; Religoius liberty for all; Spirituality and the gay man; We are not 'sick'; Education
    is the answer; We are not lesser than . . .; A straight ally speaks; Gays criminalized in the HIV-Aids issue

    Please send your evaluation of the July 7-9 OS Kenya Seminar to Rev. John Makokha.  Please let him
    know the strengths and weaknesses of the seminar.  Let him know what you would like to see for future

    Because we will be in Sacramento (staying with his cousin and family), we are seeking an opportunity
    there to share the story and needs of Rev. John Makokha, Kenyan United Methodist minister.  We are
    seeking both individual appointments with ministers and requesting the opportunity to give a Powerpoint
    presentation on our five week mission of working with LGBT people of faith in East Africa.  This is our
    second "summer" (July-August) here in Kenya.

    Salome Ochaola, Programme Officer of NACC (Kenya National AIDS Control Council) will address the
    Other Sheep Kenya July 7-9 seminar in the second session of the final day, Wednesday, July 9, at 9:

    A word of welcome from Emmanuel Kamau, founder (1997) and former director of Ishtar MSM of Nairobi,

    We think often of the great times we had at Black Rose getting to know so many LGBT Kenyans last July
    2007.  As much as anything else, our return to Kenya means seeing you again.  We hope to see you this
    Thursday, July 10, between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.  This invitation is going out to 74 people.  We hope most
    of you -- if not all -- will be able to make it.

    Ariticle from Nairobi Star, July 3, 2008
    Kenya Anglican Bishop Tells Gays to Change or Leave the Church.
    Eldoret Dioceses Anglican Bishop Thomas  Kogo yesterday said the church had decided to forbid
    homosexuals from going to their churches if they could not repent and stick to biblical teachings.
    He said:  "We have no choice about this.  Those who want to practice lesbianism or be gays must
    stand aside and let those of us who respect the biblical teachings continue with our work."

June 2008

    Other Sheep Kenya announces a three day seminary, July 7-9, to be held in the Ark Place Hotel from 8:
    30am to 12:00 noon, on "Christianity and Homosexuality:  From a different point of view."  Local
    Speakers:  Rev. Kimindu, STM, will speak on "Gender Based Violence and LGBTI in Kenya" on July 7 at
    10:15am.  Anne Baraza, MA, PGD Counseling, will speak on "Counseling LGBTI Kenyans within the
    Kenyan Perspective" on July 7 at 11:00am.  Rev. Makokha, MA Missions, will speak on "Why I believe
    LGBTI people should have full inclusion within their respective churches" on July 9 at 11:00am.

    "Christianity and Homosexuality:  From a different point of view"
    Spaekers and titles per session
    First day:  Focus:  LGBTI Community;Topic:  The Vibrant Queer Christian.
    Second day:  Focus:  Straight Allies for the LGBTI Community;Topic:  What Parents, Family and Friends of
    Lesbians and Gays Can Do to Create a Gay-Friendly Society (PFLAG).
    Third day: Focus:  Pastors and lay leaders; Topic:  Studies for becoming a gay-friendly pastor.

    by Rev. Makokha.  Kenyan Anglican clergy, gays and allies sent a strong message of affirmation and
    inclusiveness to the bishops at the forthcoming Lambeth conference in July-August, 2008. This was
    unanimously agreed on at the ceremony organized by Integrity USA, a pro Anglican US based
    organization, in partnership with the Other Sheep organization in Kenya. The function took place in one of
    the hotels in Nairobi, Kenya on June, 19.

    Rev. Cynthia Black and Katie Sherrod from Integrity USA carried out the personal interview of the
    participants using video recording. The objective of this program was to take the voices and faces of
    gays, lesbians and allies to the Lambeth conference for the Anglican bishops to see and hear from the
    horse's own mouth.

    In This Issue:  UN HIV-AIDS 2008 Meetings; American Family Outing; May 15 California Supreme Court
    Decision; Marriage Equality Sermon; Give to East Africa 2008

May 2008

    Other Sheep Executive Director travels to Costa Rica and visits Focus on the Family Hispanic World; the
    Latin American Biblical University; La Comunidad Arco Iris       

    Urgent request for emails to be sent to government officials.  Safety, Lives of LGBT Moldovans Under
    Immediate Threat: Action Needed Now!

April 2008

    Petition the US Congress for same-sex binational couples by Kati Griess.  Kati and her partner, Esther,
    were joined in marriage in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they presently live.  Kati is an
    American citizen and Esther is a citizen of Paraguay.  Kati wrote the above to many of her friends.  With
    her permission it is published here.  Kati helps with Other Sheep in Argentina.  Please forward this email
    to your friends for Kati and Esther.

    United Methodist Minister of Nairobi, Kenya, faces need because of his pro LGBT position

    "Ignorance, apathy and misunderstanding of the Bible have created a lot of confusion in our religious
    communities." -Rev. Makokha
    "We preach the gospel of inclusion and affirmationof homosexuals." -Rev. Kimindu

    Become a donor at only $5.00 per month for 12 months

    About Rev. John Makokha: Pastor, Riruta United Methodist Church; His letter requesting Associate
    Membership with Other Sheep; His Resume (Curriculum Vitae); His certificate of Master of Arts Degree in
    Missions, Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology; His certificate of Bachelor of Education,
    University of Nairobi; Statement on UMC (United Methodist Church) divided over LGBT full inclusion;
    Letter from District Superintendent:  Rev. Makokha is "working as a non-stipend minister . . . he is a pro
    LGBT clergy . . "; Recommendation from President of Kenya Diaspora Pro-Democracy Movement;
    Recommendation from Rev. Michael Kimindu, Anglican Priest, Nairobi, Kenya; Rev. Makokha's email
    dated Nov. 5, 2007, to the Bishop's office, Samuel Suuti, about his financial situation.  He has received no
    reply to date.

    The Parelli-Ortiz Family Statement: Why we are a part of The American Family Outing
    Links to:  Learn More About The American Family Outing; Sponsor Steve and Jose with a one-time
    financial donation; Pictures from our Lead Families Training, Austin, TX, February 22-24, 2008; Find out
    how your family can participate

March 2008

    In This Issue: Links to the writings of Rev. Dr. Thomas Hanks; Special Report with photos; Nigeria Police
    Beating: Victim gives first hand report; Nigeria: Brutal attack at Davis Mac-Iyalla's sister's funeral service;
    Meet two LGBT activists of West Africa; "I'll take a bat to your head" - Hate speech from my Baptist
    preacher father; Touch of Pink: Becoming Family.

    Alice Nkom, lawyer and defender of LGBT human rights, Cameroon, West Africa.
    Link to:  Alice Nkom and the 9 gay men she defended in Cameroon, 2005-2006. Link to: her most recent
    advocacy (February 2008):  "Alternatives-Cameroon Announces the Release of Men Detained for More
    than 7 Months on Homosexuality Charges" (in French).

    In This Issue: (1) A day in New York City with reps from three African nations: homophobia and the African
    church;  (2) Maranatha-Other Sheep forum on Kenyan and Nigerian LGBT Christians: "It was a healing
    experience for me," says Emmanuel; (3) Steve and Jose train for the "American Family Outing" and speak
    on the "ex-gay" movement; (4) They "tore him apart" -- A newly published book reports on Steve's 2006
    Evangelical Theological Society paper presentation; (5) Signing off: the San Jose Mission in Texas -- just
    being family

February 2008

    Also: Two Christian Mothers - One Kenyan, the other American - each with a gay son.

    Article in Five Segments: Makokha called upon to repent; Makokha wrongly maligned; Makokha and the
    real Sodom and Gomorrah; Evangelical says: Sodom and Gomorrah doesn't apply; Other Sheep mission
    in East Africa

    Links related to the article: George Shaaban's email calling upon Makokha to repent;District
    Superintendent Letter of Recommendation; President of Kenya Diaspora Pro-Democracy Movement
    Letter of Recommendation

    Meet the panelists. Speakers' Bio Information

    Emmanuel Kamau of Kenya and Davis Mac-Iyalla of Nigeria will address the topic of the present day-
    experiences of gay Christians in Kenya and Nigeria at a forum sponsored by Maranatha and Other Sheep
    on Sunday, Feb. 17, 1-3 PM, at The Riverside Church (New York City).  Jose Ortiz, Other Sheep co-
    Coordinator for Africa, will join the panel discussion.  Ortiz recently visited Nairobi and conducted four
    weeks of discussion groups with LGBT Kenyans.

    Articles:  African hate words and what they really mean; Visiting Tom Hanks and Other Sheep in Buenos
    Aires; My sense of identity: A message for Rwanda from a gay Christian in Uganda; Archbishop of Kenya
    releases Anglican priest from his parish duties; Emmanuel Kamau joins Other Sheep as co-Coordinator
    for Africa; Support raised for United Methodist minister in Kenya; Hanks at SBL; New major writings on
    OS website; Parelli-Ortiz itineary; Make a donation and become '1 of 26'

January 2008

    Information on Rev. Makokha, UMC Kenyan pastor.

    UMC District Superintendent (Nairobi/Mombasa district) writes letter of Recommendation for Makokha:  
    "Working as a non-stipend minister . . . he is a pro-LGBT clergy . . . any assistance accorded him towards
    his support shall be welcome."  Rev. Carol Alois Osos, District Superintendent.

    Also: MCC Region 4 Collects over $4,200 for relief for Kenyan clergypersons; and Rev. Kimind, Anglican
    priest, needs regular financial support.

    Rev. Kimindu's pro-LGBT ministry in Kenya
    UMC district superintendent writes recommendation for Rev. Makokha
    In this eNews: Regular Financial Support Needed for Rev. Kimindu and Rev. Makokha

    Meet the panelists. Speakers' Bio Information

    Emmanuel Kamau of Kenya and Davis Mac-Iyalla of Nigeria will address the topic of the present day-
    experiences of gay Christians in Kenya and Nigeria at a forum sponsored by Maranatha and Other Sheep
    on Sunday, Feb. 17, 1-3 PM, at The Riverside Church (New York City).  Jose Ortiz, Other Sheep co-
    Coordinator for Africa, will join the panel discussion.  Ortiz recently visited Nairobi and conducted four
    weeks of discussion groups with LGBT Kenyans.

    Because of his public position on the full inclusion of LGBTs, Rev. John Makokha has suffered income
    reduction at the hands of his denomination.  His household goods will be confiscated in ten days if he
    does not pay his past due rent.  Note:  Rev. Michael Kimindu, Anglican Kenyan priest and consultant to
    Other Sheep East Africa, can personally recommend Rev. Makokha.

    In This Issue:  Other Sheep individuals "all OK" reports Rev Kimindu: Pastor's estate goes up in flames;
    David Deo reports from the midst of it; Nairobi lawyer, business man both report trying time; letter from
    Emmanuel Kamau; Sermon - "The Lord Works Justice for All the Oppressed"

    Quick Links:  Associate Membership - We have Associate Membership for Clergy, layperson, and LGBT
    faith-based organizations:  What the Bible says about Homosexuality - A power point presentation to
    show to a group or one-on-one.

December 2007

  • Happy New Year 2008  (12/31/2007)
    Jose Ortiz continues as Coordinator for Africa serving non-English speaking countries; Emmanuel
    Kamau will serve English speaking countries as Co-coordinator for Africa.

    In This Issue: House church in Nairobi for LGBTs and Allies and PFLAG; Yahoo Group for East Africa;
    Felix Appreciated by PFLAG; LGBT Faith Group to Begin in Kampala

    Julian Pepe of SMUG, Uganda reports; David Kato of Integrity Uganda submites five news articles.
    Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), officially invited by the British Council to participate, is bared at the last
    minute from participating

    Links to News Articles:  Clergy in Uganda condemn pro-gay legislation (Nov. 25, 2007); Gays and clergy
    clash in Uganda at People's Space (Nov. 23, 2007); Gays, Bishops Clash at CHOGM, Uganda (Nov. 23,
    2007); Buturo (ethics minister of Uganda) dismisses People's Forum Advice on Gay Rights (Nov. 23,
    2007); Archbishop Lwanga calls on Ugandans to fight homosexuality (October 30, 007)

    From the desk of the Executive Director, Steve Parelli:  Africa calls for your help:  'Send the Books!'

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