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Thomas D. Hanks

Robert Jewett (2006) and Robert Gagnon (2001)
and other scholars on Romans 1:16 - 2:16

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A paper to be presented
at the AARSBL 2007 Annual Meeting
(American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature)

San Diego, California
November 17, 2007

A Gay Apostle’s Queer Epistle for a Peculiar People: Romans 1:16-2:16
A Review of Robert Jewett (2007) and other recent scholarship on Romans 1:16-2:16
[Robert Jewett,
Romans.  Hermeneia.  Minneapolis: Fortress;  2006:148-218]
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Thomas D.
paper to be
Annual Meeting

San Diego
November 17,
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"I have other sheep that are not of this
fold.  I must bring them in also."  
John 10:16
Note:  This outline has been slightly revised; see first page of paper for revision of this outline

Translation  1:16-2:16  Good News for oppressed slaves; bad news for idolatrous

Introduction: 4 elements deconstructed; 1 normative element (for slaves)                                         

Context: Historical and literary                                                                                         

Scope of pericope (1:16-32): persons described: Gentiles, Jews, all humanity?

1:16-17 + 18  Good News for the oppressed, bad news for idolatrous

1:23,25  “They ex/changed”: idolatry (3x)     26  unnatural sex (1x) + 27 “leaving”: unnatural sex

1:24,26,28  “God handed them over”: mythico-historical categories (Adam, Sodom, Sinai,

1:18-23, 25      1:24, 26-27  Idolatry      Sexual “impurity/uncleanness”      deconstruction (14:

1:24  Countryman (1988; 2003) on sexual uncleanness and “all things clean” (14:14,20)             

1:26  Not referring to lesbians (Church fathers, James Miller et al, pace Jewett)                             

1:24, 26-27  From shame and dishonor (3x: Moxnes and Jewett)      boasting (5:2-

1:26-27  From “un/natural” sexual acts to Paul’s deconstruction        11:20, 24                                    

1:27  Jewett’s translation:  3 controversial features                                                       

1:27e  The “error” of idolatry and the payback of male effeminzation

2:1-16  Paul’s rhetorical trap sprung: from rhetoric to theology to “ethics” to

Two Hermeneutical Horizons: Gagnon’s Holy War against homosexuals vs Paul’s mission
to Spain (Jewett).

Patriarchy (male chauvinism) and slave society       new knowledge (sexual  
Jewett on sexual exploitation of slaves vs. Gagnon on “mutuality” and “complimentarity”           

Summary: Jewett and Gagnon on Romans  
Seven Conclusions: Rom 1:18-2:16 (esp 1:24-27)      
Excursus  Romans 1:26 and the late patristic invention of  “lesbophobic”  

Appendix 1  Robert Gagnon’s contribution (from lemon to eschatological
Appendix 2  Heterosexism/Homophobia in recent studies of
                                    CLICK HERE for the paper in full
Rev. Dr. Tom Hanks,
Theologian / Director of
Mission.Buenos Aires, 2006
"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also."  
John 10:16 NRSV
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