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It is the express goal of Der Reggeboge Freindschaft to be a virtual home
in cyberspace for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender members
of Pennsylvania German community, and stand firmly behind the God-
given right of all people to legitimately be who they were created to be.

Balancing and reconciling traditional Christian values as taught by
Pennsylvania German cultural religious groups and recognizing the
created reality of sexual diversity, the aim of this online community is to
provide an outlet of expression of Christian love and acceptance for all
GLBT people and to share that the Creator’s Love and Acceptance of
them transcends the rejection and prejudices sometimes experienced
from organized religion.

Dialogue with questions and answers will be the method used to further
the work of uplifting and strengthening personal lives, helping each
person recognize self-worth and validity in the face of possible extreme
cultural or familial rejection and persecution for being whom God created
them to be.

The use of personal testimonies, spiritual songs, poetry, photographs and
art will all be considered as valid forms of personal identity expression
cohesive with the values of Pennsylvania German Christianity and same
gender sexuality.

Articles featured are written on specific topics regarding history, religion,
culture and social issues which directly relate to sexual minorities existing
within and coming from Conservative and Old Order Christian sectarian
subcultures like the Amish, Brethren, Hutterite, Mennonite and Quaker

It is the hope and prayer that through this medium of communication,
enlightenment, help and encouragement may be realized in an individual’s
life who may be experiencing trauma or discouragement as a sexual
minority within or having come from a non-affirming Pennsylvania German

Spirituality, Love of God, and practical Christian living is not seen in
conflict or opposition to same gender sexual expression but rather

Der Reggeboge Freindschaft, The Rainbow Fellowship is committed to
honoring all people as Created beings possessing ‘that of God’ within
them, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.
Der Reggeboge Freindschaft
“The Rainbow Fellowship”
Statement of Intent
September 30, 2011  
Joseph Stalnaker
Other Sheep
Missioner to the
Pennsylvania German
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Der Reggeboge Freindschaft
Der Reggeboge Freindschaft
The Rainbow Fellowship is an independent ministry in fellowship with Other Sheep
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