Part 1 - Romans 1:18-2:16, a New Translation
    with end note references to the Deconstruction of Texts on Uncleanness, Against
    Nature, Shame and Sodom   click here

Part 2 - Introduction:  Twelve New Trees That Make a New Forest

    1 José P. Miranda and Tom Hanks: Oppressed sexual minority churches with slave
      members and women leaders (Rom 16).  click here

    2 Elsa Tamez: Justification of the oppressed as acceptance and vindication of marginalized --
      poor slaves, sexual minorities, led by women (Romans 3:21-5:3;  14:1; 15:7).  click here

    3 Dale Martin and David Frederickson: Excessive desire/covetousness prohibited—
      transcendent norm: 1:24, 26-27;  13:8-14.  click here

    4 Elizabeth Stuart and Eugene Rogers: in excess of / against nature, deconstructed
      norm (1): 1:26-27;  2:14, 27; 11:24.  click here

    5 William Countryman and Daniel Helminiak: Uncleanness, deconstructed norm (2):
      1:24;  14:14, 20.  click here

    6 Halvor Moxnes and Robert Jewett: Shame / loss of honor (1:24, 26-27) and the
      Gospel of a crucified Messiah as Redeemer-liberator, deconstructed norm (3): 1:16-
      17; 3:21-26; 5:2-3,11.  click here

    7 James Miller: Romans 1:26 not lesbians (Bowen 1997; cf. Brooten 1996; Moore 2001).
       click here

    8 Robin Scroggs: Paedofilia and Rom 1:26 (since 1:26 does not refer to lesbians, Scroggs   
      remains unrefuted).   click here

    9 Matthew Kuefler: Cultic Prostitution. 1:25, center of 1:24-27;  1:18-23; Lev 18:21-22; 20:1-
      5, 13.   click here

    10 Saul Olyan: Lev 18:22 and 20:13 condemn only male-male anal sex, not males of
        homosexual orientation nor male homoeroticism in general.   click here

    11 Freed from the Law (Rom 10:4; 7:1-25) but filled with the Spirit for a praxis of liberating
        justice (2:12-29; 8:1-4) and walking in love (12:1-14).   click here

    12 Diana Swancutt (2003): Our limited hermeneutical perspective: caught in the Rhetorical
        Trap of a “repressed homosexual” (Gerd Theissen 1983/7): Rom 2:1-16.   click here

    13 Excursus. Philip Esler: Sodom and Gomorrah in Rom 9:25-26, Paul’s lost rhetorical
        opportunity?   click here

Part 3 - Connecting the Dots, Linking the Trees, Exploring the New Forest   click here

Part 4 - Conclusion. John Boswell and Louis Crompton: anti-Semitism and homophobia
click here

Part 5 - Bibliographies and Appendix: Rom 16

    humble house churches in Rome

A Gay Apostle’s Queer Epistle for a Peculiar People:
Romans 1:24-27 in its context
Rev. Dr. Tom Hanks


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of the marked subject is discuessed in other place(s) in this docuemnt.
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