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Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz to Uganda
and Rwanda in 2012

Stan Kimer to Kenya
and Rwanda in 2011

Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz to Kenya,
Rwanda and Uganda
in  2008

Steve Parelli and
Jose Ortiz to Kenya
and Uganda in 2007
This website was reconstructed in June of 2007
This web page was created March 17, 2011
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"I have other sheep that are not of this
fold.  I must bring them in also."  
John 10:16

Other Sheep in Africa
(2007 - the present)
"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also."  
John 10:16 NRSV
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2012 July
Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz conduct two seminars in Kampala, Uganda, and one seminar in

2011 July
Stan Kimer, as member of board of directors of Other Sheep and as MCC Ecumenical & Inter-
Religious team member, while vacationing in
Rwanda and Kenya also scheduled time to meet
local pastors on behalf of Other Sheep and MCC

    In Kenya, Stan . . .
  • Spoke at the worship service of Neema MCC where Rev. Michael Kimindu is the
  • Met with the pastor of Substance MCC, Mr. Joseph Nyaisa
  • Traveled with Rev. Kimindu to his tribal area east of Nairobi where
  • we "had an interesting encounter with a very conservative young
    fundamentalist pastor" with whom we talked about "God's love and
    acceptance for all God's children, especially the gay, transgendered and
    intersexed.  At first this young pastor was resistant to hearing this, but later
    he called us back and said he earnestly wanted to learn more!"
  • Rev. Kimindu and Stan "taught a very frank safe-sex and HIV-prevention
    class to a group of boisterous 8th and 9th graders."
  • Visited Other Sheep Afrika - Kenya Headquarters in Karen outside of Nairobi
  • Met with Rev. John Makokha and Rev. Michael Kimindu
  • A chance encounter encountering with a television producer from Norway and
    her taping of a gay Christian couple of Nairobi

    In Rwanda, Stan . . .
  • In Gisenyi, met with Other Sheep Africa country coordinator (for Rwanda and the
    Dem. Rep of the Congo) Elie Gasana who "organized a meeting with me to share
    MCC's and Other Sheep's work with a dozen local pastors."
  • "They came with a sincere desire to learn about this "new teaching" as
    they called it.  I believe God is moving in hearts of religious leaders in
    Africa, and that people are understanding that fully loving and accepting
    God's LGBT children and those living with HIV and AIDS is truly a Godly
    Biblical call."
  • In Gisenyi, met with the street orphans Other Sheep mentoring team
  • In Gisenyi, met with the two Other Sheep leaders from the Dem. Rep. of the
  • In Kigali, met with a pastor there (name withheld) with whom Steve and Jose first
    met and introduced Other Sheep in 2008

2008  July 4 - August 5
Steve Parelli (Executive Director) and Jose Ortiz (Coordinator for Africa) in Kenya, Rwanda &

    Writings, by Steve Parelli, of human interest from Steve & Jose's 2008 East Africa tip

2007 July 8 - August 24
Steve Parelli (Executive Director) and Jose Ortiz (Coordinator for Africa) in Kenya & Uganda

    Kenyan LGBT Personal Stories - Told in their Own Words
Working with Other Sheep in
East Africa . . .
Photo at Left:
Other Sheep Coordinator
for Rwanda /Dem. Rep. of
the Congo

Rev. J. Elie Gasana -
Gisenyi, Rwanda
Photo at Left:
Uganda Other Sheep
Committee Chairperson

Wamala Dennis Mawejje -
Kampala, Uganda