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The following article is in its orginal format as written by
David Kato of Integrity Uganda and Steve Parelli of Other
Sheep, at Red Chile HIdeaway cottages, Kampala,
Uganda, Sunday, August 19, 2007.

News Release
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Certain views from different religious leaders against the
fundamental rights of homosexuals have been brought up
in reaction to the LGBTI press release of Friday, August
17, 2007.  A spokesperson of Integrity Uganda, a faith
based Christian organization that maintains that the Bible
does not condemn same-sex relationships, says the
question of gay rights in Uganda is a fundamental human
rights question and not a theological question.  

Integrity Uganda calls upon the Christian churches of
Uganda to reexamine the scriptures in light of the stories
of gay Christians of Uganda, the social sciences and
psychology.  But, says Integrity, though the churches of
Uganda may not reexamine its theological position on
homosexuals, they must be clear on its teaching of
fundamental human rights and the liberty of conscience
when it comes to its official policy on gay rights.

The Christian doctrine of the liberty of conscience
teaches that no mere human authority – civil government
or religious institutions – has power to grant or to withhold
from men the exercise of freedom in matters of religion.
Homosexuality is a private religious matter between God
and the individual. Liberty of conscience teaches that it is
the individual's inalienable right to exercise his judgment
without restraint in religious matters and to give
expression, freely and fully to his religious convictions,
without human dictation or interference. Not all religious
people believe homosexuality is irreligious, ungodly or
sinful. More and more, Christians in South Africa, Nigeria,
the Americas, Europe and other parts of the world are
changing their views on the Bible and homosexuality.

For example, evangelical theologian Roy Clements, one-
time senior pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church, and known
world wide for his evangelical writings, came out as an
evangelical gay man in 1999 and now teaches that the
Bible does not condemn same-sex relationships.

[Add quote from Bishop Desmond Tutu]

[Add quote from Bishop Christopher Ssenyonj]

[Add quote from Rev. Michael Kimundi, mnk240@yahoo.
com; Modile 0720 08 16 44]

Protestants have historically taught that government is the
government of all the people and that government must
not put into law the doctrines of any one religion.

For government, the question of gay rights is a
fundamental human rights question only and can never
become a theological question.  For the church, because
of the Christian doctrine of liberty of conscience, the
church is not to impose upon others its teachings on
homosexuality through government legislation.

Homosexuality, in Uganda as in other parts of the world, is
an affront to the religious community because of the
church's official position on homosexuality.  Therefore, it
must be said again and again in any society where
religious teachings on homosexuality dominate, that the
view of the religious majority are not to be legislated onto
the views and practices of the  sexual minority.   As long
as a gay man or woman does not infringe upon the rights
of other individuals, the homosexual (who is often
Christian) has the same right as his heterosexual
counterpart, to interpret the Bible according to his or her
understanding and to answer only before God (and not to
the government or to the church).  It is the responsibility
of the government to guarantee the fundamental human
right of the free exercise of religion to the homosexual
who wishes to live according to his sexual orientation, his
conscious being clear before God.  While a government
official may have his personal beliefs, he must seek the
fundamental rights of all individuals, including
homosexuals.  That is his moral duty as a civil servant.  

Integrity Uganda seeks to help the LGBTI Christian
community in matters of faith and fundamental rights.


The above article is in its orginal format as written by
David Kato of Integrity Uganda  and Steve Parelli of Other
Sheep, at Red Chile HIdeaway cottages, Kampala,
Uganda, Sunday, August 19, 2007.
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Above Photo:   David Kato of Integrity
Uganda (left) and Steve Parelli of
Other Sheep crafting the final draft of
the article "Integrity Calls upon the
Churches of Uganda to Endorse Gay
Below: The cottage at Red
Chile Hidaway, Kampala, Uganda
where the final draft of the article was
written.  Sunday, August 19, 2007.
The cottage at Red Chile
Hidaway, Kampala, Uganda
World - The New York Times
Ugandan Who Spoke Up for Gays Is Beaten to
Published: January 27, 2011

David Kato, the activist, was one of the most visible defenders of gay
rights in a country where leaders have proposed executing gay people.
In these three
Kato, working
on the Red
Chile editorial,
August 19,
Dear Other Sheep Friend,

I am deeply saddened and filled with indignation at the senseless and brutal
murder of one of God's shining lights for justice in Uganda, David Kato. Steve
and I had the honor of meeting and collaborating with David during our first
visit to Uganda in 2007. It was David who invited us to Uganda, having heard
that we were in Nairobi, Kenya, and hence it was through David that Other
Sheep had its beginnings in Uganda.  David was a determined, committed and
diligent servant for the cause of equality for God's LGBT children in Uganda.
The embers of his fire will revive into a roaring blaze in all of us who remain to
stand against the darkness of bigotry rooted in ignorance and arrogant
religious fervor.

Ugandans who are followers of Mr. Bahati, the Member of Parliament in
Uganda who is pushing a bill calling for the execution of gays, spurred by the
evangelical religious right in the U.S. and Ugandan pastors, must wake up and
realize that horrible acts of inhumanity invariably follow hateful and bigoted
rhetoric ... especially when the rhetoric is clothed in religious, "pious" fervor.
The message of Jesus never espoused violence and inhumanity towards
those who one believes to be misguided. Instead, Jesus taught to love our
neighbor as our very selves.

Jose Ortiz
Other Sheep
Coordinator for Africa
Bronx, NY
January 27, 2011
In Memory of David Kato, murdered
January 26, 2011, Kampala, Uganda
David Kato was a personal friend. He took pride, I've been told by one
activist in Uganda, in telling people that it was he who brought Other Sheep
to Uganda. And he was. Hearing we were in Nairobi, 2007, he sent word
that we should come to Uganda. We were told, "There is this David Kato in
Uganda with Intetrity, he wants you to come and meet him." He was a man
of faith, working with Integrity Uganda. We went and we met . . .
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Photo at right:
Jose Ortiz, left, with
David Kato, right.
August 2007,
Kampala, Uganda
David Kato, SMUG Headquarters,
August 20, 2007
Photo by Steve Parelli
David Kato, SMUG Headquarters,
August 20, 2007
Photo by Steve Parelli
David Kato, SMUG Headquarters,
August 20, 2007
Photo by Steve Parelli
David Kato, SMUG Headquarters,
August 20, 2007
Photo by Steve Parelli
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