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From:  Other Sheep East Africa <>
Subject:  Report on July 7-9 Other Sheep Kenya Seminar
Date:  Sent July 15, 2008, from Nairobi, Kenya, through Constant Contact,
Other Sheep eNews server

Other Sheep East Africa eNews,  July 15, 2008
Other Sheep Kenya Seminar:   A Report
by Rev. John Makokha and Steve Parelli  
July 15, 2008, Nairobi, Kenya  

The ethos of any religion is honesty with
GOD and honesty with oneself.  Integrity is the business that every human being
must undertake and in doing so, becomes a pilgrim who
finds meaning and satisfaction in life by searching out and doing truth.
On July
7-9, I was privileged to share a room with pilgrims who seek truth
. I wouldn't mind
having them as mansion mates someday in Heaven where all will be at rest in Him, the source of all truth."

The above remark was made by an anonymous seminar attendee

Dear Other Sheep Friend,   

Other Sheep Kenya, in conjunction with Other Sheep, hosted a three-day
seminar on Christianity and homosexuality for the gay community, clergy and
laity, and family and friends of gays and lesbians. The participants attended
workshops on various topics regarding discrimination, rejection and ignorance
in the church and society as it pertains to sexual orientation. The seminar was
held in the Arkland Hotel, Nairobi, July 7-9.  Six different speakers lead a total
of 12 workshops.  18-24 participants attended per day.  No clergy attended.  
Some clergy, who had said they would attend, later said they were afraid to
attend for fear of being stigmatized by the religious community.

The following report was written by Rev. John Makokha, UMC minister and
Other Sheep Kenya Coordinator, and Steve Parelli, Executive Director of Other

Editor's note:  In this issue of Other Sheep eNews you will find the word "Bible"
written in the lower case as "bible."  This is intended for effect.  In regards to the
issue of homosexuality, it is time for the churches of Kenya to lay the Bible
aside for a while -- make it "bible" for a while -- and seriously consider other
sources, including accepting theologians, non-religious disciplines, and the
testimonies of gay Kenyan Christians who have the Word of God written in their
Other Sheep is an ecumenical Christian ministry that works for the full inclusion of LGBT people of faith
within their respective faiths worldwide.

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