Gay and Christian in
Other Sheep East Africa Personal Stories is a collection of
writings of the personal lives of gay Christians in East Africa.

Each account is in the first person and is authored by the
individual who is speaking. He or she is giving their account as
a personal unvailing as a gay Christian.

These accounts are kept anonomous for the sole reason that to
be open and gay in East Africa can often result in the loss of
employment, family and friends, and expulsion from one's
church community.

It is hoped that as this collection of stories grows, so will the
readership of East Africa - that parents, friends, fellow
employees, clergy members and church members who have
little idea what it means to be a gay Christian in East African will
read these accounts; that society at large will come to the
realization that these accounts are about their own sons and
daughters, brothers and sisters, fellow employees, Sunday
School teachers, political officials, fellow university students,
boyfriend or girlfriend -- people that are loved, but people that
are yet to be loved for who they actually are - gay and Christian
in East Africa.
Personal Story 01
    Kenyan Man, Age 21
    Who can I tell? My parents?  My teachers?  
    Even preachers don't care.
    I could not approach my parents about this ... not even
    my teachers.  ... Preachers do not care about gays.  I'm
    happy now having met other gay Christians.

Personal Story 02
    Kenyan Man, Early Twenties
    If my sister tells my parents, I'm afraid they'll
    kick me out!
    My sister found me kissing another guy.  If my parents
    were to know they might kick me out of the house.

Personal Story 03
    Kenyan Bisexual Man, Age 18
    I stopped going to church once I got a
    After breaking up I became depressed; I had already
    stopped going to church "because I didn't want the
    negative attention" about having a boyfriend.  I isolated
    myself and drank a lot.

Personal Story 04
    Kenyan Man, Mid-Twenties
    Now there's hope that I will no longer be
    a conflicted gay Christian.
    I quit the church because there was this fight within me
    and because I saw same-sex sex just as wrong.  But now
    there is hope that I can be gay and a Christian.

Personal Story 05
    Kenyan Man, Early Twenties
    Would God make someone and then deny that
    person to love and be loved?
    I still plan to marry . . . to change my orientation . . . to
    make her happy even at my own expense.  I may not be
    able to give her what most striaght men would, but I will
    try my best to give her something close to that.

Personal Story 06
    Kenyan Man, Early 21 YearsOld
    For myself, I found it within me.  
    It didn't come to me from white people.
    We weere arrested and kept in custody for three days
    for wearing earrings and tight jeans and tight tops.  In
    custody, a girl – the transgender – and I had to strip for
    the police to prove our sexuality.  We were molested.

Personal Story 07
    Kenyan Man, 35 Years Old
    Vowed to celibacy, poverty and obediance, I am
    a Roman Catholic gay man
    I will not leave the Catholic church or religious life.  
    I will stick in there and try to change the attitude of these
    two institutions from within their circles.

Personal Story 08
    Rwandeese Man, Mid-Twenties
    Every one told me I was gay so I thought I
    would try it.
    We might keep in touch afterwards if they are okay with
    our differences regarding homosexuality. I do not believe
    in gay marriage for example

Personal Story 09
    Kenyan Man, Twenties
    Story in the bathroom!
    Just then I felt a warm thunder-like blast in my heart
    and to tell you the truth I had never felt a warm feeling
    like this before.

Personal Story 10
    Kenyan Man, Twenty-five
    I applied every spiritual means I knew . . . but
    still I was gay
    I wish I could be accepted as an equal in the church
    community and not feel like an outcast.

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