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"I  have  other  sheep  that  are  not  of  this  fold.   I  must  bring  them  in  also."  John 10:16


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Julian Pepe, Co-chairperson
Above photo:
Victor Juliet Mukasa,
former chairperson of
Photo at right:
Victor Juliet Mukasa (left)
Julian Pepe (right)
Julian Pepe, Co-chairperson
Contact information
PO Box 70208, CT-KAMPALA
Uganda, East Africa

Tel:  +256 312 296

Larry Misedah, left,
board member of Other
Sheep East Africa

Jose Ortiz, right,
Coordinator for Africa,
Other Sheep
SMUG offices
Kampala, Uganda
Julian Pepe        Larry Misedah   Jose Ortiz
Uganda               Kenya                   USA
SMUG                  Ishtar/ OSEA       Other Sheep
Above photo, left to right:
Jose Ortiz, Julian Pepe, Victor Juliet Mukasa,
Steve Parelli
Photo at left:
Jose Ortiz,  Coordinator for Africa, Other Sheep;
Victor Juliet Mukasa, former chairperson, SMUG
Victor Juliet Mukasa is a member of the staff of the International
Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) Africa
regional office in Johannesburg.  She was appointed to her new
post in October of 2007.  Victor is a co-founder of SMUG.
Three activits . . . one family
These photos were taken on Monday, August 20, 2007.  For the occasion of our being at SMUG, see report below
from our weekly reports . . . .  (for addtional reports on our Kenya-Uganda 2007 trip, CLICK HERE)

Monday, August 20, 2007  – Steve presents to SMUG members a two-track strategy for
addressing media if asked their response regarding the Pentecostal public
demonstration against homosexuals

  • Steve copied over the news release article from his lap top to the café Internet computer
    at the Red Chile Hideaway compound and emailed it to David Kato.

  • Steve and Jose went into town around 3PM (two on the back of a motorcycle) to reserve
    and purchase bus tickets for this Thursday back to Nairobi.

  • While in town, David Kato, Secretary of Integrity Uganda, phoned Steve and Jose from the
    offices of SMUG asking us to come immediately to the offices of SMUG (Sexual Minorities
    of Uganda) and to advise them on how they might be able to answer the media with
    regards to questions on Christianity and homosexuality.  (So, on the back of a motorcycle
    we headed across town . . . )

  • We spoke with five eager-to-know (all taking notes) SMUG members on how to respond to
    the Pentecostal community which was presently staging public protests against

  • Steve talked about a "two-track" strategy: (1) fundamental human rights for LGBTs on the
    basis of the Christian teaching of liberty of conscience (since addressing the Pentecostals
    and the church at large); and (2) the Bible does not address homosexuality as an
    orientation, it only speaks of same-sex acts.  Steve expounded each track separately,
    encouraging and answering their questions.

  • Jose spoke on the topic of psychology and homosexuality.

  • After this briefing, Victor Juliet Mukasa arrived.  She was coming from the press.  
    This was Steve's second meeting with Victor (first at Geneva, Switzerland, 2006);
    this was Jose's first meeting with Victor.

  • Steve and Jose left the SMUG offices with Larry and David and after purchasing a
    phone card, David and Steve made phone calls which resulted in locating three of
    the twenty books The Children Are Free that Steve had sent five-six weeks earlier
    to Kampala by way of a clergy person to be delivered to Victor Juliet Mukasa and to
    David Kato.  The books never arrived.  The newly-located three books are to be
    delivered to David Kato this Saturday, August 25.  17 books of The Children Are
    Free remain unaccounted for.

  • We enjoyed the evening at our cottage and compound with wine and food and a mid-
    night swim.
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