Gay and Christian in
"I  have  other  sheep  that  are  not  of  this  fold.   I  must  bring  them  in  also."  John 10:16

Other Sheep in
Kenya, Rwanda  
and Uganda 2008
Anne Baraza Makokha, Counselor
and Advisor for Other Sheep Kenya
  • homemaker
  • wife and mother
  • teacher
  • counselor and
    advisor for LGBT
    people and their
    friends and family
  • church leader
I was priviledged to hear
Anne tell her story
publically to her audiences
as well as in bits and
pieces in person.

Here's what I recall.

Anne grew up in an
evangelical home where
she and her sibblings
expressed personal faith in
Christ at some point in their
lives while still at home.
Anne has an older sister whom she admired and
looked up to during their teenage years (and still
does).  When her sister came out as a lesbian,
Anne was a hurt teenager.  She did not understand
how her older Christian sister, committed to the
faith, could have fallen away so far.  

Anne began to think and question.  Her sister was
still that shinning Christian Anne loved.  There was
a contradition here in Anne's thinking, and it proded
her to read seriously about sexual orientation.

While at an evangelical college in Nairobi, Anne, still
a self taught student on gay and lesbian concerns,
wrote a paper on the topic for one of her class

The professor was unsympatetic with Anne's
conclusion.  He gave her studied arguements no
place for consideration.  Instead, he told her:  
"Obviously, you don't know what the Bible says,"
and instructed her to take the paper back and
rewrite it.

Welcome to the halls of higher learner.  
as recalled by Steve Parelli
Anne, unhindered by her professor's
rejection, has continued in her
persuit to understand
homosexuality.  The out-right refusal
of her professor to consider her
arguments based on her earnest
academic study, served only to
compel her to learn more and speak
up more for her gay Christian sister,
and others like her, who are
immediately and completely
dismissed by the church with the
simple statement, "Obviosly, you
don't know what the Bible says."

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    partner Jose Ortiz.
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Anne in her home,
July 4, 2008
Anne in her backyard, July 4, 2008
The Anne Baraza - John Makokha home
Anne, with her
husband John.
Kisumu, Kenya,
August 1, 2008
RIGHT:  Anne
and John, In
their home
outside of
July 5, 2008
(left) and
Anne and
ABOVE:  Lavender, the
daughter of John and Anne
Anne, with their duaghter
Lavender, in front of their
home.  July 5, 2008
Nairobi seminar
The mother of  "Aunti Ivy"                    Anne Baraza
ABOVE LEFT:  The mother of "Auntie Ivy" attended the three half-day seminar in Nairobi.  Here, she is
giving her remarks of appreciation at the end of the seminar.  Since July of 2007, when Emmanuel
Kamau's mom first met Other Sheep, she has involved herself with PFLAG meetings when able.  It is
to parents like this, as well as friends and families of LGBT people, and LGBT people themselves,
that Anne will help.  Emmanuel Kamau ("Auntie Ivy") reports that his mother, with the help of PFLAG
and Other Sheep, has grown much, over the past year, in her understanding and acceptance of his
sexual orientation.
NOTE:  Emmanuel Kamau was affectionately given the name "Auntie Ivy" while in Kenya because of
his knack to advise gay men.  In Kenya, the "Aunt" of the family is the one who advises young men in
matters of courtship and young women.
CLOCKWISE:  Participant in the Kisumu seminar
(above left); viewing a church under construction
(above right); official recorder of the Nairobi seminar
(below); attending services where her husband
pastors (left).
Nairobi seminar
Anne teaching at the Nairobi
seminar (July 8) and the
Kisumu seminar (August 1,
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