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Rev. J. Elie Gasana, Other
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OSEA Coordinator for Rwanda
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Rev. J. Elie Gasana (United Methodist Church)
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March 2010

  • Other Sheep Rwanda is recognized officially as a local NGO (email:  03/22/2010)
    "It is with great pleasure that I'm writing this E-mail to you in order to keep you update about Other Sheep Rwanda. It is just this
    morning that I came to receive a call from the District office that Other Sheep Rwanda is recognized officially as an local NGO (the
    mayor signed an official document that recognized Other Sheep Rwanda as a local NGO)."  Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie Gasana

February 2010

  • I’m planning to travel in Bukavu- DR Congo (in March) for meeting with some LGBTI groups (email:
    "I take also this opportunity to let you know that I’m planning to travel in Bukavu- DR Congo (in March) for meeting with some LGBTI
    groups is thinking how to create a plat form on the LGBTI rights in Southern-Kivu region. I have also been invited with some groups
    located in Kinshasa to meet with them and see how to work together in promoting the LGBTI rights and welfare in DR Congo but the
    lack of the passport and transport fees remains a big challenge for me."  Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie Gasana

    This report is in the four parts: (1) The good things to celebrate (for Rwanda); (2) The greatest resources; (3)The need; (4) Statistics
    for Other Sheep Rwanda and the Dem. Rep. of the Congo.  Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie Gasana

January 2010

  • Other Sheep Rwanda meeting with UHAI: EASHRI (email: 01/29/2010)
    "Last week Ms Happy Mwende Kinyili, the Administrative Assistant from UHAI: EASHRI visited us and we have had a good time to
    exchange with her on our work here in Rwanda and how UHAI can interfere in our activities. To be frank, she appreciated so much
    of what we are doing even if the challenges are so many. I hope that the meeting will yield the positive result."  Source:  email from
    Rev. J. Elie Gasana

December 2009

  • Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM) writes Rev. Gasana about IAM's plans for area meetings (email:  

    Email from Judith Kotze  "IAM (Inclusive and Affirming Ministries) wants to partner CEDEP in working towards a Regional Dialogue
    conference for mid March, as follow up on the 1st African Dialogue that will invite clergy and LGBTI people from DRC, Rwanda, etc.  
    We are thinking of having a Introduction to Dialogue workshop for those who will participate in the Regional Dialogue, clergy and
    LGBTI participants from March 10-11 and then the Regional Dialogue conference from March 12-14, 2010.

    "In March 20-22, 2010, we hope to facilitate a Retreat for Leaders in the LGBTI sector in partnership with the Centre for Christian
    Spirituality, to which we will invite representatives from as many of the JWG members as possible, including CEDEP and Other
    Sheep etc. as partner organisations in other African countries."  Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie Gasana

    Note:  CEDEP was first given a micro fund by Hivos in 2006 which helped the organisation to build its capacity in its formative stages.

October 2009

  • Rwanda/DRC Coordinator, Rev. Gasana, meets with Policy Officer from European Network for Central
    Africa (email:  10/30/2009)

    This serves to inform you that last day, Other Sheep, Rwanda and DRC received a high ranked personality from the Policy Officer
    from European Network for Central Africa , Donatella Rostagno. I had a good time to exchange with her on the issues that are
    surrounding Other Sheep in Rwanda and DR Congo especially, the Bill against the LGBT issues in Rwanda . She promised to do
    the advocacy at her lever.

  • Rwanda Proposed Project Law Criminalizing LGBTI people  (email: 10/12/2009)

    "As you may have heard it, in Rwanda there is the project law criminalizing the LGBTI people. According to this newly proposed
    project law in its article 217 provides that: 'Any person who practices, encourages or sensitizes people of the same sex, to sexual
    relation or any sexual practice, shall be liable for a term of imprisonment ranging from five (5) to ten (10) years and fine ranging from
    Two Hundred  thousand Rwanda Francs (200.000 Frw ) to one million (1,000,000)Rwanda  francs.' "    Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie

  • Allen O. Morris of Concerned Methodist writes Rev. Gasana about homosexuality in the United
    Methodist Church  (email:  10/07/2009)

  • Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM) responds to Rev. Gasana's introductory email about Other
    Sheep (email:  09/29/2009 forwarding Benade's email dated 09/16/2009)

    Email from Retha Benade, IAM (Inclusive and Affirming Ministries) Administrator, to Rev. Jean Elie Gasana:

    "I have received your email from Ingrid Schoonraad regarding your inquiries to know more about IAM.  I am the Administrator and can
    help you the following ways:

    1.  You can visit our website www.iam.org.za to get an intensive overview of the work we do, and how we do it through our
    programmes and projects etc.
    2.  We send out quarterly newsletters which concentrate on a specific theme and other relevant important news. You can
    subscribe to our newsletter on IAM's homepage.
    3.  We are a Christian organisation and you will see under resources, our 3 most important resources are:  The Bible
    Studies, Journey of Hope (how to reconcile your sexuality with spirituality) and the Dialogue process (our preferred method
    dealing with the faith communities).
    4.  We also have other resources such as booklets, dvd's etc which you can order from me and I can post them to you.

    "Jean Elie, please feel free to e-mail me anytime if you have any questions or if you need any guidance or help from our side.  Trust
    hearing from you soon.

    "Take care and God bless"


    Retha Benade
    Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie Gasana
Other Sheep Rwanda/DRC Structure
    Names and corresponding contact information are on file with Other
    Sheep as provided by Rev. J. Elie Gasana (Coordinator).  Other Sheep
    Rwanda/DRC has a Program Officer, Treasurer, and a six member Board
    of Directors (Projects), as well as a listing of LGBT/Human Rights
    organization that are in contact with Other Sheep Rwanda/DRC
    Updated September 29, 2009, email from Rev. Gasana
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