Gay and Christian in
Other Sheep Kenya
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Rev. John Makokha, Other
Sheep East Africa
Coordinator for Kenya
Mrs. Anne Baraza, Other
Sheep East Africa
Counselor to LGBT and
friends and family of Other
Sheep Kenya
OSEA Coordinator for Kenya
Rev. John Makokha (United Methodist
Church Minister) - Nairobi, Kenya
Mrs. Anne Baraza
Counselor to LGBT and friends and
family of Other Sheep Kenya

OSEA/ OS Kenya Project Support Team
Peter  Wanyama (Anglican) (Not pictured)
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To know more about
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To know more about
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  • John Makokha presents Other Sheep Kenya to LGBT groups in
    New York City, as reported on Other Sheep blog (see photos and
    links to photos within each blog).

  • John Makokha of Other Sheep Kenya is confronted and "offered"
    larger financial backing by "ex-gay" leader John A. Murphy of
    Tennessee where John preached the message of inclusion, as
    reported on Other Sheep blog (see photos and links to photos
    within each blog).

    Monday, October 18, 2010
    "Ex-gay" leader John A Murphy calls gays "deniers of the
    Word of God" in letter to Coordinator of Other Sheep Kenya

    Monday, October 18, 2010
    There is " far more support" for religious African
    organizations that will name the gay communities of Africa
    as self-righteous, justified, deniers of the Word of God,
    rebellious against God, and as forcing the government's
    hand to protect the human rights of sexual minorities, says
    Rock House Way, "ex-gay" ministry of Tennessee.

May 2010

    "Other Sheep Kenya held a discussion with Nairobi Evangelical
    Graduate School Apologetics class on human sexuality, gender
    identity and Christianity on May 27, 2010."  Reporting, Rev. John

    The conference on sexuality and gender equality was held at
    Biblica Guest House, from April 27th to May 1st, 2010. It was
    organized by the Centre for Research and Innovation for Change
    [CRIC]. About 50 participants comprised of theologians and
    university lecturers from East Africa and Southern Africa, civil
    society and human rights organizations, lawyers, and LGBTI
    organizations such as Gay Lesbian Coalition of Kenya [GALCK], I
    am Ministry, and Other Sheep Kenya.

March 2010

February 2010

January 2010

November 2009

    Other Sheep Kenya in collaboration with Riruta United Women
    Empowerment Programme NGO held a seminar on human
    sexuality and homophobia in Nairobi on 21st November, 2009.
    The 15 participants were drawn from the Catholic Church, United
    Methodist Church, Anglican, Metropolitan Community Church,
    Friends Church, Kenyatta University, Teachers, High School
    Students, Women Community leaders, Reconciling Ministries
    Network and Changing Attitude.

October 2009

September 2009

    There 2nd Regional Changing Faces Changing Spaces
    Conference was held in a Nairobi hotel on 28-30, September,
    2009. Both local and international LGBTI and sex worker activists
    participated in the conference. The conference was organized by

August 2009

    Other Sheep Kenya held a seminar in a Nairobi hotel on August
    22, 2009 called “Religion and Sexuality in an African Cultural
    Context.”  The 25 participants were drawn from the Lesbian, Gay,
    Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community as well as
    Parents, Friends of Lesbian and Gay (PFLAG).

July 2009

    Other Sheep Kenya held a one day workshop for clergy and laity
    drawn mostly from the Anglican Church at hotel Naselica in
    Kisumu, Kenya on July 18, 2009. The theme of the seminar was
    “Religion and Sexuality in our African Context.”  A total of 12
    participants attended the seminar.  These seminars have been
    supported by the grant from Uhai- Eashri (East Africa Sexuality,
    Health Rights Initiative).

February 2009

    There was a meeting of Other Sheep leadership in Kenya and
    East Africa with Gay Activism Alliance International at a Nairobi
    hotel on February 21.  The meeting focused on the partnering,
    networking and resource mobilization to endeavor to help form
    alliances between LGBTI groups, individuals and minority groups
    for the common objective of equality and human rights.
Bio on Rev. John Makokha and Information on
Other Sheep Kenya

    This article was submitted by Anne Baraza and edited by
    Rev. Steve Parelli, Bronx, NY, Oct. 15, 2010.  It was used
    for Rev. Makokha’s visit to NYC, Oct. 23-27, 2010, which
    was part of his USA tour, Oct. 12-27, 2010.

The Rev. John Makokha is senior pastor of Riruta UMC in Nairobi,
Kenya. He is the African correspondent for Reconciling Ministries
Network and the Country Coordinator of Other Sheep Kenya Trust,
a faith-based LGBTI organization.

John earned his B.Ed. Degree at the University of Nairobi and has
served as graduate teacher in various high schools in Kenya. He
was ordained a minister in the Triumphant Pentecostal Church
and served as a pastor in a Free Methodist Church. After earning
an M.A. degree in Missions at Nairobi Evangelical School of
Theology, he started Riruta United Methodist Church, the only
Reconciling Ministry (RMN) in Africa. Anne Baraza, his wife, also a
graduate of Nairobi Evangelical School of Theology, is the
Counselor for Other Sheep Kenya and the CEO of Riruta United
Women Empowerment Programme.

As Coordinator for Other Sheep Kenya, John passionately
organizes and leads educational awareness seminars on human
sexuality and gender identity throughout Kenya.  Other Sheep
Kenya addresses religious homophobia, transphobia, social
justice, and HIV/AIDS in Kenya through capacity building and
advocacy programs for LGBTI people and Parents and Friends of
Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).

Other Sheep Kenya engages in (1) promoting the recognition and
solidarity of LGBT people through recruitment into the
organization, counseling/information sharing, and networking; (2)
participation in LGBTI activities in the country; (3) sharing
information and experience between LGBT and PFLAG groups; (4)
promoting the human rights of LGBTI through advocacy and
campaigns; (5) training and mobilizing religious allies to win the
war on homophobia and transphobia; (6) providing education,
training and information on HIV/AIDS, care and treatment to the  
LGBTI community; (7) promoting reproductive health education;
and (8) mitigating against gender based sexual violence and
substance and drug abuse within the LGBTI community.

Rev. Michael Kimindu, colleague and co-laborer with John and
Anne in Kenya, is Other Sheep Coordinator for East Africa. Other
Sheep has ministries in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the
Congo and Uganda.

Other Sheep Kenya came into existence during the 2007 summer
ministry program of Rev. Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz, Other Sheep
Executive Director and Other Sheep Coordinator for Africa,
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