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Rev. Michael Kimindu, Other
Sheep Coordinator for Other
Sheep East Africa
OSEA Coordinator for East Africa
Rev. Michael Nzuki Kimindu (Anglican
Priest) - Nairobi, Kenya
email:  mnk240@yahoo.com
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May 2010

March 2010

  • "All is well in East Africa. Our brothers from Mtwapa-Mombasa are doing fine.I have been counseling them here in Nairobi.GALCK
    got them a safe place for the time being."  Source:  Email from Rev. Kimindu 03/29/2010

  • "MCC (Metropolitan Community Churches) congregation has moved from my house to the City Centre,near All Saints Cathedral
    and we are happy.Many lgbti people can find their way there more conveniently"  Source:  Email from Rev. Kimindu 03/29/2010
Neema MCC - Where Rev. Kimindu is Pastor for the LGBTIQ

"I am the pastor of Neema (Grace) MCC (Metropolitan Community
Churches), Kenya, and a volunteer Coordinator for Other Sheep.  Our church
was formed in 2007 when a group of LGBTIQ people joining Other Sheep
were searching for an affirming church.  MCC was our answer and our small
community has been meeting since that day. ... Most of the people who
attend the church are LGBTIQ youth, most of them in University and the rest
unemployed. ...  MCC is very important for Kenya, as it is offering a service
which no other church is willing to give to the LGBTIQ Christians."   
    - Rev. Kimindu, from "Be A Gem Campaign," an Imagine, Acapulco
    2010 General Conference brochure.
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