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Rev. J. Elie Gasana, Other
Sheep East Africa
Coordinator for Rwanda and
Dem. Rep. Congo
OSEA Coordinator for Rwanda
& Dem. Rep. Congo
Rev. J. Elie Gasana (United Methodist Church)
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February 2010

    This report is in the four parts: (1) The good things to celebrate (for Rwanda); (2) The greatest resources; (3)The need; (4) Statistics
    for Other Sheep Rwanda and the Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

January 2010

  • Rev. Gasana, who resides in Rwanda (boarder area to Congo), plans to travel to DR Congo (email:  

    "From January 7-9, 2010, on the invitation of Other Sheep board members from DR Congo, I’ll travel to DR Congo to meet with them
    and exchange a lot with them on how we can conjugate our forces for the human right and welfare (especially for those without hope
    for living) of our beloved LGBT people. We’ll talk also about how to fight against the HIV/AIDS transmission especially among the MSM.
    The board members and I have been sacrificed to cover all my expenses during this meeting.  Pray for us so that these may be

    "Also,I have been invited to attend the meet in DR Congo ( Kinshasa ) from January 1-2, 2010, that will gather the local LGBT
    organizations. The aim of this meeting is to think together how to unite our forces for the human right of our beloved LGBT people. It
    could be also the good opportunity for me to exchange with others about my idea of creating a forum of LGBT organizations there in
    DR Congo but my means are very limited and I think not to be with others during this meeting."  Source:  email from Rev. J. Elie
Other Sheep Rwanda/DRC Structure
    Names and corresponding contact information are on file with Other
    Sheep as provided by Rev. J. Elie Gasana (Coordinator).  Other Sheep
    Rwanda/DRC has a Program Officer, Treasurer, and a six member Board
    of Directors (Projects), as well as a listing of LGBT/Human Rights
    organization that are in contact with Other Sheep Rwanda/DRC
    Updated September 29, 2009, email from Rev. Gasana
Note:  As Rev. Gasana is Coordinator for Rwanda, too; articles on the Rwanda page will have relevancy to DRC
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