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January 2011

February 2010

    Kenyan Police Disperse Gay Wedding
    By JEFFREY GETTLEMAN, New York Times
    Published: February 13, 2010
    The police said they intervened to prevent a local mob from
    attacking the ceremony, but they also arrested several wedding

July 2008

    Gays need more help
    Gays have been sidelined in the HIV-Aids issue, yet they've been at
    the forefront in the fight against this disease for 26 years.  They have
    been criminalized and forgotten in this public health issue.
    By Henry Wanyama, Nairobi Star, July 10, 2008.  CLICK HERE

November 2007

    Clergy in Uganda condemn pro-gay legislation
    Publication date: Sunday, 25th November, 2007
    The New Vision, Uganda's Leading Website
    By Patrick Jaramogi and Flavia Nakagwa  CLICK HERE

    Gays and clergy clash in Uganda at Peoples' Space
    Drama ensued on Thursday when the Catholic and Anglican
    clergymen, who were condemning gays, sat next to pro-gay people
    who were watching a film on homosexuality.
    By Josephine Maseruka, The New Vision, Kampala, Uganda
    November 23, 2007  CLICK HERE

    Gays, Bishops Clash at CHOGM (Uganda)
    At a press conference the bishops called upon Commonwealth
    countries not to condone homosexuality saying it's a human wrong
    and never a right.
    "The Commonwealth should not legislate for human wrongs.
    Homosexuality is an evil, which should never be discussed during
    Chogm. In Chogm meetings, we should advocate for them to
    change because the act is unnatural," Bishop Niringiye said.
    The Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
    Published November 23, 2007
    By Agness Nandutu  CLICK HERE

    Uganda:  Buturo Dismisses People's Forum Advice
    On Gay Rights
    Ethics minister James Nsaba Buture has dismissed the
    recommendations of the Commonwealth People's Forum on gay
    and lesbian rights.   
    By Lydia Namubiru, Kampala, Uganda
    New Vision, November 23, 2007  CLICK HERE

    Rewanda:  From Hand Out to Hand Up
    Three Arkansas (United States) entrepreneurs are helping build
    Rwanda's largest bank for the poorest of the poor.
    by Isaac Phiri | posted on line November 1, 2007 09:10AM
    Christianity Today (Magazine)   CLICK HERE

October 2007

    Archbishop Lwanga calls on Ugandans to fight
    Photo by Joseph Kiggundu
    October 30, 2007, The Daily Monitor, Kampala, Uganda  CLICK HERE

September 2007

    African Anglicans try to transform US church
    Conservatives eye schism over gays
    By Michael Paulson, Boston Globe Staff
    September 5, 2007    CLICK HERE

August 2007

    Consecration in Kenya widens a religious rift
    2 US priests now Anglican bishops
    By Michael Paulson, Boston Globe Staff
    August 31, 2007    CLICK HERE

    Kampala Rally Denounces Homosexuality
    By Katherine Roubos, The Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
    August 22, 2007   CLICK HERE

    Homosexuals demand acceptance in society
    By Katherine Roubos, The Monitor, Kampala, Uganda
    August 17, 2007   CLICK HERE

    Kampala homosexuals speak out
    by Alfred  Wasike, The New Vision, Kampala, Uganda
    August 17, 2007     CLICK HERE

July 2007

    Lesbian couple takes the bull by the horns after
    attack   Story by NATION Correspondents, Kampala
    Publication Date: 7/28/2007   CLICK HERE

    American gospel singer to visit Nairobi, wrong on
    homosexuality  A Commentary by Steve Parelli, July 2007,
    Nairobi, Kenya   CLICK HERE     

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September 13,

While we were in
East Africa, July and
August, 2007,
ugly hate crime
against a gay
inflicted by
Burger King
happened in our
own "back yard" --
the greater part of
New York City.

Friends in the USA
were afraid for our
safety in East Africa.  
At the same time we
were in East Africa a
brutal hate crime
against LGBTs was
happening right
here in in the USA in
our very own area.
"I have other sheep that are
not of this fold.  I must bring
them in also."   John 10:16
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