Gay and Christian in
"I have other sheep that are
not of this fold.  I must bring
them in also."   John 10:16

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This website was constructed in July of 2007
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About Other Sheep East Africa

    Other Sheep East Africa is an ecumenical Christian
    ministry for sexual minorities by sexual minorities and straight allies.  
    Established in Nairobi, Kenya and reaching out to Uganda,
    Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and other parts of Africa,
    it is dedicated to connecting sexual minorities and straight allies with
    people, information and resources that will uplift and
    encourage their spiritual life through the Internet,
    literature, organized events, worship opportunities
    and support groups.  The organization also works
    with people from other faiths, especially Muslims.

Mission Statement

    To foster, nurture and encourage the spiritual lives of LGBT
    Christians and people of faith.

Vision Statements (Stated Objectives)

    1.  To create and maintain an East Africa Other Sheep website, a
    yahoo group, and other uses of networking through the Internet that
    will provide information relevant to sexual minorities primarily in
    matters of faith and religion.

    2.  To obtain and distribute in East Africa hard copies of the book
    The Children Are Free.

    3.  To promote the formation of PFLAG chapters in East Africa
    where parents, family and friends of LGBTs will, among other things,
    find support in addressing their concerns about faith and

    4.  To create opportunities where sexual minorities may meet in
    groups to interact on a variety of interests:  such as discussion
    groups where personal stories and reflection are shared; short-term
    study groups on particular topics; and prayer and worship groups.

    6.  To provide training in the use of the power point presentation on
    the Bible and homosexuality; and to foster opportunities for the re-
    telling of this power point presentation to LGBTs and to the religious
    community at large.

    7.  To network and collaborate with religious leaders and
    organizations that are affirming of the gay community.

    8.  To create and maintain a library from which literature may be
    loaned to individuals.  (Suggestion:  this library could be called the Roy
    Clement Library, who was one time pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church and world
    renown author among evangelical Christians, who came out in 1999 as an
    openly gay Christian and partnered with another gay man; presently he is a
    recognized conference speaker to gay Christians)

    9.  To create chapters of Other Sheep East Africa in East Africa
    where the spirit of the mission and vision of Other Sheep East Africa
    may be carried out.

    The Mission Statement and Vision Statement was written by Steve and
    Jose at the request of the 8 board members of OSEA, to be reviewed
    and customized by the board.  The Mission Statement and Vision
    Statement was written Thursday morning, August 16, at a five star resort
    (name withheld) overlooking the Indian Ocean, North Cost, Mombasa,
    Kenya. The Mission Statement and Vision Statement reflect what Other
    Sheep was engaged in with gay Christian Kenyans during the four
    weeks of ministry, July & August 2007.  

The Following is the present organizational structure of OSEA which
was inaugurated April 4, 2008, with just Rev. Kimindu as OSEA
Coordinator and the creation of an OSEA Project Team; additional
Coordinators (Kenya, Rwanda & Dem Rep Congo) and Chairperson
(Uganda)  followed with time

OSEA Coordinator for East Africa
Rev. Michael Nzuki Kimindu (Anglican Priest) - Nairobi, Kenya
email:  mnk240@yahoo.com

OSEA Coordinator for Kenya
Rev. John Makokha (United Methodist Church Minister) - Nairobi, Kenya  email:  

    Mrs. Anne Baraza, Counselor to LGBT and friends and family of
    Other Sheep Kenya

    OSEA/ OS Kenya Project Support Team                                 
    Peter  Wanyama (Anglican) petodame@yahoo.com
OSEA Coordinator for Rwanda & Dem. Rep. Congo
Rev. J. Elie Gasana (United Methodist Church) gasana13@yahoo.com

OSEA Chairperson for Uganda
Wamala Dennis Mawejje denkross@yahoo.com
See Dennis' blog:  Denkross' Life in Uganda

Emmanuel Kamau - Texas, USA
email:  emmanuelkamau@yahoo.co.uk

Jose Ortiz - Bronx, NY
email:  bronzeprjo@hotmail.com
Photo Below:
Early morning (sunrise) in
Mombasa, where Jose dictates
the mission statement and
vision statement of Other Sheep
East Africa which was later
shared and approve in a
follow-up meeting with LGBT
people in Nairobi who had
called for forming an
organization after working Other
Sheep for 4 weeks in
discussion groups.

Rev. Michael Kimindu, Other
Sheep Coordinator for Other
Sheep East Africa
Rev. John Makokha, Other
Sheep East Africa
Coordinator for Kenya
Jose Ortriz, Other
Sheep Coordinator
for non-English
speaking Africa

Kamau, Other
Coordinator for
English speaking
Mrs. Anne Baraza, Other
Sheep East Africa
Counselor to LGBT and
friends and family of Other
Sheep Kenya
Rev. J. Elie Gasana,
Other Sheep East Africa
Coordinator for
Dem. Rep. Congo
Wamala Dennis Mawejje,
Other Sheep East Africa
Chairperson for Uganda
Other Sheep East Africa
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