A Commentary by Steve Parelli, July 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

American Gospel Singer to Visit Nairobi, Wrong On

According to a recent article in Nairobi Star (Friday, 20 July 2007,
page 7,
"Top gospel singer coming"), American gospel singer and
Donnie McClurkin, who will be touring Nairobi next
month, "
condemns homosexuality and other forms of sexual

Homosexuality is not a form of sexual abuse no more than
heterosexuality is a form of sexual abuse.  Homosexuality and
heterosexuality are sexual orientations.  Neither term –
homosexual or heterosexual – implies anything about sexual
abuse.  Sexual orientation speaks of the individual's attraction
either to the same sex or the opposite sex.  No knowledgeable
person would "condemn homosexuality" as a "form of sexual

The American Psychological Association (APA), the largest
scientific and professional organization representing psychology in
the United States and the world's largest association of
psychologists with a membership of more than 132,000
practitioners, researchers, educators, consultants and students,
officially maintains that "homosexuality is not an illness, mental
disorder or emotional problem," and "[the] homosexual orientation,
in and of itself, is not associated with emotional or social problems."

Donnie McClurkin, in condemning homosexuality as a form of
sexual abuse, is victimizing homosexuals with his rhetoric.  By such
speech he further marginalizes the sexual minorities (lesbians,
gays, bisexuals, and transgenders) by pushing them further into
the closet.  Homophobia is the irrational fear of homosexuals.  
Donnie McClurkin's visit to Kenya will only foster more homophobia
within the religious communities where he will be speaking.  

For reliable information on what homosexuality is or is not visit
pcmk.org and go to the article "What We Wish We Had Known," a
resource booklet for individuals and families by The Presbyterian
Church of Mount Kisco, New York, subtitled "Breaking the Silence
– Moving Toward Understanding."
Gay and Christian in
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