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1998 - 2005
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Newsletter August 1998
    How PFlag came to Buenos Aires

Newsletter Fall 1999
    An ILGA for the Poor?
    St. Louis Chapter to Co-Sponsor Local LGBT Program
    WOW 2000
    Report from Mexico
    New Video from Other Sheep on Homosexuality and the Bible
    St. Louis Chapter Update
    Help Wanted
    News From Colombia

Newsletter Spring 2000
    Mission Jesus Style Chapter 2: 31-Day Mission Trip to
             the Seven Principal Cities in Central America
    New Books by Tom Hanks and Bob Goss & Mona West
    Chapter Updates
    A Personal Note from Barry Cramer
    Witness Our Welcome 2000

Newsletter Summer 2000
    Other Sheep at ELGA and World Pride in Rome, 2000
    Father Jerry's Eye-Witness Report
    Welcome to WOW 2000
    Latin American News from John Doner
    Other Sheep in Richmond, Indiana, from Barry Cramer
    Other Sheep Co-Sponsors Conference with Psychiatrists
    St. Louis Chapter
    Doug & Peg Atkins Win PFlag Award
    Good News on Good Books
    Other Sheep Videos:  "Can Sexual Orientation Be Changed," "Homosexual and
    the Bible," and "Mission Jesus Style" - John & Pepe's 1994 Epic Trip
    through Latin America

Newsletter Winter 2002
    Board Retreat Pictures
    Is Other Sheep a Movement? - Ed Schroeder, Board Member
    Reflections from Mexico: Healing Through Acceptance - Jerry Cleator, O.P.
    A Meditation
    Why Other Sheep? - Tom Hanks, Theologian & Director of Mission

Newsletter Christmas 2002
    Jerry Cleator is new executive director
    J.C. Michael Allen is new board member  
    News from Tom Hanks in Buenos Aires  
    John Doner attends LLEGO conference  
    Jerry Cleator speaks on panel at Madrid conference  
    Helminiak's book to be published in Spanish  
    Other Sheep projects in Latin America

Newsletter Summer 2003
    Tom Hanks' Report:  Gay Christian Groups Meet in Uruguay; Hank speaks at MCC
    General Conference; Plans to establish a Foundation in Buenos Aires and
    a publishing house.
    Leaders Meet in Mexico City, Sponsored by Other Sheep (Otras Ovejas)
    Report from Pepe Hernandez and John Doner on their extensive Mission Trip to
    Central America
    Jerry Cleater reports on his work with Roman Catholics in Mexico City
    Renato Lings, member European advisory board, persues doctorate
    Helminiak's book published in Spanish; John Doner involved in translation

Newsletter Christmas 2003
    Resource Materials Sent to Ministries
    Ministering to the Catholic Community in Mexico
    Tom Hanks:  Personal highlights form the AARSBL (Atlanta, Nov 2003)
    Comments and Reviews of Significant New Literature
    Michael on Chris Glaser
    John Doner and Marco Morales represent Other Sheep at WOW 2003
    Other Sheep "Trivia" Quiz

Newsletter Christmas 2004
    Tom Hanks' Report, Nov. 9, 2004
    Post-election context
    A Theology of Hope for 2005
    The Aging Problem
    Development in Latin America
    Columbia Report, Sept. 29 - Oct. 12, 2004

Newsletter Christmas 2005
    An "Ex-Gay" Executive Director Appointed:  Steve Parelli
    A Summer of Surprises in Mexico, Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz
    Southern Cone Gay Groups Prepare for WCC Meeting in Brazil
    Other Sheep Prepares New Strategy for WCC in Brazil - and Beyond:  
    Empowering Clergy to Come Out
    Other Sheep Foundation, Buenos Aires - Tom Hanks

In 2006 no newsletter was printed.
The newsletter was resumed in January of 2007.
In December of 2007 Constant Contact was acquired as host server for the Other Sheep eNews.
See column at far left for links to newsletters and eNews beginning in January of 2007.

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"I have other sheep that are not of this
fold.  I must bring them in also."  
John 10:16
"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also."  
John 10:16 NRSV
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