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Rev. Makokha

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Nairobi, Kenya
Makokha, Rev. John Baraza  ASSOCIATE MEMBER

    Contact information
    PO Box 127-05002, Nairobi-Karen
    Telephone: International +254 7  27 549 693
               Cell:  07 27 549 693
    Riruta United Methodist Church:
    Membership with Other Sheep
    Member with Other Sheep since December 2007
    Letter requesting membership with Other Sheep  CLICK HERE

    Education and Resume
    Curriculum Vitae, December 2007 CLICK HERE
    Master of Arts Degree in Missions, Nairobi Evangelical
    Bachelor of Education, University of Nairobi  CLICK HERE
    Certificate of Completion: Communicators' Training Workshop

    UMC divides over LGBT full inclusion
    Statement on UMC divided over LGBT full inclusion  CLICK HERE

    UMC discriminates against Rev. Makokha and his church
    Letter re: two year retention of funds by UMC for housing costs
    because of Markokha public pro-LGBT position  CLICK HERE
    Financial statement inferring loss of housing funds  CLICK HERE
    Statement from 12/21/07 email:  
    "As I told you because of discrimination, we have been denied
    development funds for purchasing a plot and putting up a better
    church building. The members pay an equivalent of US dollars
    100 per month for the use of this building."

    Alois Osos, District Superintendent

    "I recommend him highly on the basis of his academic and
    spiritual qualifications and the zeal that he has exemplified over
    the years in promoting awareness over LGBT issues among
    students, staff and faculty members. I recommend him highly for
    attending to, discussing and supporting LGBT issues on a daily
    basis. I recommend him highly in the area of community
    involvement, church activity and productivity, since he planted
    two healthy churches during the years he has worked in the
    schools and in the church. He has also overseen the planting and
    growth of many others."  Gerald Baraza, President

    The following information is provided to help you know and assess Rev.
    John Makokha's situation (this information was provided Jan. 2008 in
    view of his need, at that time, to raise monies to pay for back rent
  • Rev. Makokha lives on the grounds of Nairobi Evangelical School
    of Theology.  His landlord is Christian Living Materials Center.
  • Rev. Michael Kimindu (Anglican minister) has visited the offices of
    Makokha's landlord and confirmed the amount due  CLICK HERE;
    Rev. Michael Kimindu has visited in the home of Rev. Makokha,
    has worked with him in ministry, confirms that Rev. Makokha is
    pro-LGBT in his ministry, and recommends that this amount be
    raised for him at this time CLICK HERE.  
  • Rev. Makokha was recently named in a UMC article as an
    individual helping in the relief of  the violence that followed the
    recent presidential election.  CLICK HERE.
  • Rev. Makokha sent an email dated November 5, 2007 to the
    Bishop's office, to Samuel Suuti, about his financial situation.  He
    has received no reply to date. CLICK HERE.
  • Rev. Makokha's wife, Anne K. Baraza, is a 2006 graduate of
    NEGST (Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology)
    college.  She co-labors with her husband as a counselor.   CLICK

Associate Members with Other Sheep
KENYA, East Africa

United Methodist Church
This website was reconstructed in June of 2007
This web page was created December 2007
Visits made to this web page since December 2007
"I have other sheep that are not of this
fold.  I must bring them in also."  
John 10:16
Photo at Left:
Rev. John Baraza Makokha and wife,
Anne Baraza, certified counselor
and co-laborer in ministry.

    Below:  Riruta United
    Methodist Church; Rev.
    Makokha (center wearing a
    red tie) next to Anne, his wife,
    in a red dress.
Reconciling Ministries
Network (RMN) is a
USA national
grassroots organization
among United
Methodists in the USA
for the full inclusion of
LGBT United
Methodists.  RMN has
no official ties with The
United Methodist
Rev. Makokha, as of April 2008, has
accepted the position of
Other Sheep Coordinator for Kenya
"I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.  I must bring them also."  
John 10:16 NRSV
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